Aircon Servicing at only $30. Offer ends 31 Dec 2017.
Aircon Servicing at $30.

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We are Friendly and We Provide Reliable Aircon Services

We have more than 10 years of experience in Aircon Service include Standard Aircon Service, Chemical Cleaning Service, Compressor Overhaul, Condenser Service and Troubleshooting Service. We Specialize in all Brands and Models of Aircon Installation, Repair and Maintenance. Our team have earned Very Good Reputation with praises for good responsibility and Excellent Work Ethnic. We have many customers has been engaging our service since we started our business. Our specialty is in ongoing monthly maintenance of your air conditioning systems. Our technical team will visit your place once a month to check your air conditioning system so that any minor problems can be quickly fixed on the spot. You never need to call us or remind us. Our teams are trained in air conditioner repairs and air conditioning maintenance besides quick installation of air conditioning services without minimum interruption.

Standard Aircon Cleaning Services

All our Air-Con Technicians are Experienced and Professionally Trained. Being a leader in Aircon Servicing, we provide full service to all brands, including but not limited to  Mitsubishi, Daikin, Carrier, LG, Sanyo, Hitachi, Sharp, York, Midea, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Haier, Panasonic and many more. 

Aircon Filter Thorough Cleaning

Filters part of the Aircon Fan Coil which keep your air clear of dust particles and allergens. Untreated filters leave a bad odour and harm your health. We chemically clean your filters to make them good as new, keeping your air cool and fresh! The evaporator and condenser take care of the heat outflow of warm air within the aircon unit - if they're faulty, your aircon is far less efficient. We help you treat the evaporator and condenser for maximum energy savings

Periodic Maintenance, Repair and Check

The Aircon Systems we support includes split system aircon units, cassette ceiling air conditioner, inverter air conditioner, casement window air conditioner, portable air-con and commercial air conditioners. No job is too small for us. Talk to us to find out more on our Quality and Competative Pricing - to get the work done!

New Installation or Parts Replacement

General aircon servicing includes the supplying or replacing air-con filters, Blower Wheel, Fan Blade, Panels, Remote Controller, Indoor Evaporator Coil and the Flushing of the air conditioner Drainage System. As part of the air-con servicing, Checks the Motor Operating Condition (MOC), Compressor Suction and Refrigerant Gas Pressure and Top Up will also be performed. As a full BCA Licenced Aircon Contractor, we provide professional commercial aircon servicing for all our industrial customers in Singapore. Our commercial air-con services include repair, maintenance services, aircon troubleshooting, duct cleaning services and more. Contact us for our complete range of commercial air-con services today!

Air Passage, Vents, Conduit and Pipe

Broken Air-Conditioner and Air Passage can be very frustrating especially when temperatures are high and you need them fixed. Our team repairs broken AC, air passages, vents and dents restoring all your units back to proper working condition. We do not just aim at repairing you units but we focus on the long term goal of giving you home comfort. We carry out each repair with a long term outlook so you can be sure once we carry out your repair we have done a perfect job. Emergency repair is also something we are passionate about because we understand a malfunctioning air conditioning unit can cause a lot of inconvenience in your home or office. We show up anytime you need us day or night. Our quality air condition servicing, cleaning and aircon repair services are performed by professionally qualified air conditioning service technicians. Taking customer service seriously, we are dedicated to providing quality air conditioning services for all our customers..

Thorough Inspection with Quality Workmanship

Providing inspection is a major part of our Aircon Services. Inspection must continually be done to vents and dents and air passage. This is to ensure that they are still working as expected. Inspection will prevent unexpected breakdown that may end up causing more damage. Continuous servicing and maintenance is also essential to keep these units in good condition. Servicing helps diagnose minor problems that may lead to major break downs in future. Our staffs are capable of checking and maintaining all your units and this keeps them functioning properly at all times. Our technicians take care of electrical system, refrigeration and the whole air system. Inspection and servicing all air conditioning system includes a combination of replacing components might may need repair and also cleaning the air passage to avoid unnecessary blockages.

Special Aircon Steam Cleaning Service

Aircon Chemical Cleaning provides a thorough cleaning of your aircon unit. This year, for a Limited Time Promotion, we include FREE steam cleaning to flush out germs and bacteria in your Fan Coil at high heat. Many customers like this very much and has praized our for this comprehensive air conditioning servicing. Undoubtedly, this is very Highly recommended for homeowners, especially whose with kids and pets

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