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Aircon Servicing at $30.

Mitsubishi Aircon Servicing Contractor and Cleaning Services

We understand your frustration when you have to keep calling for your Mitsubishi air conditioner problem. We specialize in Air Conditioning Systems and we go the extra mile to ensure our customers are able to enjoy the cooling comfortable home. When you engage us for your Mitsubishi & LG Aircon Servicing and Repair, you are rest assured we will respond to you and fix your air conditioner problems within 24 hours. Air-conditioning has become an increasingly common household item in Singapore. In making a decision whether to purchase an inverter or non-inverter air-con, single-split or multi-split units, do also consider the brand of the air-conditioner. With rising crude oil prices, comes rising electrical costs. The Mandatory Energy Labelling Scheme officially kicked off on 1st January 2008, though most manufacturers' have been scrambling before that to get their products tested and labelled. It has become a common sight in electrical stores to see these labels stuck on air-conditioners and refrigerators. The four tick system allows for a fast and easy comparison between models, with zero to four ticks (four ticks being the most energy-efficient). But do keep in mind that the ratings are relative. Simply put, a 9000 BTU air-conditioner with one tick will still consume less energy than a 24000 BTU air-conditioner with four ticks. So do take an extra moment to look at the small print, i.e. the energy consumption per kW-hr at full load and part load when making your purchase. Following are the common Aircon Problems we have compiled for your learning, and possibly self-fixing.

How to Save Electrical Bill

  1. Set a higher temperature. Setting the temperature 1 degree higher could mean significant savings of 2%.
  2. Make sure the room is properly sealed. Make sure there are no leaks through the door and window seals.
  3. Set the thermostat to the maximum comfortable temperature. The optimum comfort is between 23-25 degrees Celsius.
  4. Do not block the air vent with furniture.
  5. Look out for EnergyStar-labeled units for energy efficiency. Air conditioners with higher Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings comes with higher price tags but its energy-efficient features will save you money in the long run.

My air conditioning condenser unit is hot.

  • When the room temperature has reached its set temperature by the remote controller, the condensing unit will stop operating. It will assume operation once the temperature rises.
  • to achieve optimized air-conditioning performance, periodical maintenance by a qualified service technician is recommended
  • industy environment requires more frequent cleaning and maintenance of aircon

My air conditioner produce a foul smell?

  • This normally happens. It could be due to the smell of things in the room, such as cigarettes or even furniture, being sucked into the air conditioner and let out together with the air flow. Contact us and we will help fix this problem.
  • determine the type of air-con you want
  • calculate the cooling capacity you require
  • consider your budget

What should I do if my air conditioner is not cold?

  • Air filter is not dirty or clogged.
  • Remote control is in the cooling mode.
  • Air flow direction is appropriately set.
  • Windows and doors are closed
  • Temperature set too high.

Why does water drip from the outdoor unit?

  • It is normal for water to drip from the Condenser Unit as condensation takes place when warm air surrounds the piping connections.
  • check all safety circuits
  • check for noise problem, pipe blockages
  • clean and wash air filter
  • check on bolts and nuts for tightness and corrosion.
  • check and clean coil, water tray, blower and coolness.
  • detail air-conditioner unit test

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