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Samsung Aircon Supplier Pasir Ris Cleaning Price Near Me

Samsung is a leading Aircon Brand for Home and Office. As a Samsung Authorized Dealer and Installer, we provide full range of services including, but not limited to, Pre-Sales Consultation, Sales, Installation, Maintenance and Repair works. Please contact us to enquire more on this Aircon Brand. For the daily operation and maintenance of this brand of Air Conditioned System, our services includes Refilling Gas (Topup Gas), Overhaul and cleaning air filters to improve the air flow and efficiency of your air conditioners. We await your call or enquiry of our services. Followings are some of the useful tips in maintaining your Samsung Air-conditional Single, or Multi-Split System

How To Choose the Right Air Conditioner

  • To choose the right air conditioner for your place of business, estimate the electrical consumption of the air conditioner each month. You can estimate the monthly electrical consumption by using the simple formula: Estimated Electrical Consumption = Input (kW) x Number of hours used x Number of days per month x Current Utility Rate
  • It is crucial to choose the right-sized air cooling system. Installing the wrong size will increase electricity consumption and eventually your electricity bills!
  • To choose the ideal size, consider the size of the room and the number of windows it has, how much shade you get on the windows, walls, and roof and how much heat is generated by the people and appliances in your room.

My air conditioning condenser unit is hot.

  • When the room temperature has reached its set temperature by the remote controller, the condensing unit will stop operating. It will assume operation once the temperature rises.
  • to achieve optimized air-conditioning performance, periodical maintenance by a qualified service technician is recommended
  • industy environment requires more frequent cleaning and maintenance of aircon

My air conditioner produce a foul smell?

  • This normally happens. It could be due to the smell of things in the room, such as cigarettes or even furniture, being sucked into the air conditioner and let out together with the air flow. Contact us and we will help fix this problem.
  • determine the type of air-con you want
  • calculate the cooling capacity you require
  • consider your budget

What should I do if my air conditioner is not cold?

  • Air filter is not dirty or clogged.
  • Remote control is in the cooling mode.
  • Air flow direction is appropriately set.
  • Windows and doors are closed
  • Temperature set too high.

Why does water drip from the outdoor unit?

  • It is normal for water to drip from the Condenser Unit as condensation takes place when warm air surrounds the piping connections.
  • check all safety circuits
  • check for noise problem, pipe blockages
  • clean and wash air filter
  • check on bolts and nuts for tightness and corrosion.
  • check and clean coil, water tray, blower and coolness.
  • detail air-conditioner unit test

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