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by Kent Leong / OCTOBER 10, 2017

Topic : Aircon Not Blowing Cold Air

Why Aircon Become Much Colder After Chemical Cleaning?

You might notice that your aircon is not at all making your room any colder the way it used to when it was still new. Apparently, you jumped into conclusion that there must be something wrong and yes, there really is. The first thing that you can consider is to call a company that offers aircon repair services. But how do aircon servicing professionals fix your problem? Continue reading and find out how.

One of the most common culprits why your aircon might not work properly is the dirt that it had accumulated over time. The dirt invades the system of your aircon and eventually caused the system to malfunction. For that, aircon servicing professionals can absolutely be helpful. Moreover, getting aircon repair services is more practical than entirely replacing your unit with a new one. The most suitable treatment that aircon technicians usually apply is chemical overhauling or chemical cleaning. Basically, aircon chemical clean is a process used to clean your aircon's machine. This way, your aircon is being restored in order to improve its performance.


There are various reasons as to why an aircon is not cold. Some of the more common faults are:

  1. Door or windows are not closed
  2. A clogged air filter or cooling coil
  3. The aircon is not set to the cooling mode
  4. The aircon parts may be malfunctioning or deteriorate
  5. The aircon's cooling capacity is undersized.
  6. Outside ambient temperature is abnormally high


By this, regular aircon servicing performed by an professional aircon contractor will help to maintain the efficiency. This will help to:

  1. Maximise the lifespan of your aircon
  2. The air conditioner will be able to maintain a constant cool temperature
  3. Avoid a sudden, major breakdown
  4. Help to lower power electrical energy consumption.

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