Aircon Servicing at only $30. Offer ends 31 Dec 2017.
Aircon Servicing at $30.

Hurry! Promotional Offer ends 31 Dec, 2017

Our Attractive Aircon Servicing Packages

We have put together following Attractive Aircon Servicing Offer for you. We have been a long established Professional and Reliable Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore. We hope the Cheap Aircon Deal is appealing to you. Aircon Cleaning, Repair Services, Installation and Maintenance are what we are Best at. Despite escalating living expenses, our aircon cleaning service still remains at just $30! Our affordable aircon repair service provides advice to customers on the cost of repair for air conditioner breakdowns. It also helps to evaluate the condition of the equipment and advise on the most economical solution.

You may come across companies that are family owned and operated. Bear in mind that while these companies do have a safer and more reputable appeal, making sure you still check them out with the Better Business Bureau is always best. Just because a company claims it is family owned does not always mean they are the best choice. Finding out the kind of regular maintenance you can secure for a cooling system is also a good idea. Be sure to look for professionals that work on the kind of system you own. You certainly do not want to call someone out that is not trained to work on the particular system you have. Most companies have websites you can check out for learning details about manufacturers they are qualified to service and repair. When inquiring about service contracts, you might also ask about the services offered for emergency repairs. You do not want to wake up in the middle of night sweating because you can not get someone out to make repairs due to the time and day. Always try to find a reputable company providing after hours services.

Payment Terms : Payment must be made upon completion of work. We accept cash, local cheque and local credit card (during office operating hour only). Please note that credit card payment is not applicable for New Aircon Installation work.

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Despite the ever increasing competition and raising living cost, our Aircon System and Services are very reasonably priced. If you come across very competitive price comparing to ours, we will be most happy to work with you to offer a price you will be comfortable and happy with. We are authorized dealer and premier Aircon Installer for  Mitsubishi, Daikin, Carrier, LG, Sanyo, Hitachi, Sharp, York, Midea, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Haier, Panasonic and many more. 

All New Aircon System Installation comes with 5 Years Warrenty for the Compressor. Plus, 1 + 1 Extended Warranty for General Parts. Do feel free to contact us for any Gas Top Up, Spare Part Supply, General Service, Chemical Wash, Repair and Installation.


Aircon System Offer Price

  • Panasonic - $3100.00
  • Daikin - $3300.00
  • Mitsubishi - $3380.00
  • Toshiba - $3488.00

Lowest Aircon Servicing Deal

One Time Servicing Deal

  • 1 FCU - $40
  • 2 FCU - $60
  • 3 FCU - $90
  • 4 FCU - $120
  • 5 FCU - $150
  • 6 FCU - $180

One Chemical Washing Deal

  • 1 FCU - $85
  • 2 FCU - $160
  • 3 FCU - $230
  • 4 FCU - $300

Aircon Servicing Contract Package

4 Times a year (Quarterly)

  • 1 FCU - $120
  • 2 FCU - $200
  • 3 FCU - $300
  • 4 FCU - $400
  • 5 FCU - $500
  • 6 FCU - $600

Comprehensive Job Scope

  1. Remove and Wash Fancoil Covers
  2. Wash Air Filters
  3. Clean Cooling Coil
  4. Chear Drainage System
  5. Check Condenser Operating Pressure
  6. Check Wiring Connection
  7. Check Refrigeration Level
  8. Check Starter Contact
  9. Clear Water Tray
  10. Clear Drainage Pipe
  11. Greasing of Fan Motor in Evaporator and Condenser Units
  12. Test System

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Payment Terms (cash / Credit Cards)

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