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Aircon Servicing at $30.

Most Common Aircon Problem

Like many other Electrical Appliance we use in our life, Aircon System subject to Wear and Tear. Regular maintenance will certainly prolong the life of your Aircon System and also, results in lower Electrical Bill. Here are some of the most commonly seen Air Conditioner problem in Home and Office, and their remedy. Enjoy Reading.

The Aircon Fancoil is noisy / hissing

  • One of the common causes of this problem is due to worn-out fan belt
  • rust formation on various sections of the unit
  • Loose connection of air-conditioner condensing unit
  • Excessive or accumulated water in the fancoil unit

Air-con Compressor fan spins at irregular speed

  • This occur mostly in Old and Poorly Maintained Aircon System
  • It is mostly due to faulty Compressor motor or capacitor

How to choose an air-conditioning system?

  • decide on the area that require air-conditioning
  • determine the type of air-con you want
  • calculate the cooling capacity you require
  • consider your budget

What are benefits to have maintenance contract?

  • priority will be given to contract customer especially during peak period like Chinese New Year
  • regualr maintenance will prolong the life span of your air-con unit
  • lower rates for parts replacement
  • early faulty parts detection will reduce chances of other parts being affected
  • free Water Leaking Problems Solved within Contracted Period

What does your service package cover?

  • systematic and thorought check fan coil unit and condenser check
  • check all safety circuits
  • check for noise problem, pipe blockages
  • clean and wash air filter
  • check on bolts and nuts for tightness and corrosion.
  • check and clean coil, water tray, blower and coolness.
  • detail air-conditioner unit test

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